What kind of shoes should you wear when boxing ?

Boxing is an exciting sport, and a very effective workout for fitness and conditioning as well. If you have picked up boxing only as a means to get fit, then you could probably get by wearing any kind of sports shoes or sneakers.

However, if you are pursuing boxing as a sport, and want to compete, it is very important to have the right gear. Now, in many gyms, i’ve noticed that new boxers typically spend money on their gloves, mouth guards, and other boxing equipment but tend to skimp out on specialized boxing shoes, thinking that shoes aren’t a priority and they can juct work out in their gym shoes.

Wearing the right kind of shoes to your boxing training is essential, for beginners and pros alike. Boxing shoes are often overlooked, but the comfort, support, and benefits they provide will help you develop your skills even faster, especially when it comes to your footwork

How are boxing shoes different from other types of shoes?

Every sport or workout has some specific gear that helps you preform that activity at your absolute best and boxing is no different. Boxing shoes serve the individual needs of a boxer, and they are very different from other shoes.

If you want to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” you need shoes that are lightweight, flexible, and made from breathable materials like nylon mesh. Your boxing shoes also need to have rubber soles with perfect grip, and they should be fit and snug like socks. Boxing shoes have thin soles, with thin tread lines.

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These features make boxing shoes very different from other ordinary gym shoes. They are also designed to provide extra support to your ankles. They lace up past your ankles, and can help you avoid several injuries like twisted ankles and much more. Some boxing shoes may also have straps that provide some extra support if that’s what you’re looking for.

Many sneakers and sport brands make boxing shoes, sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma are quite popular, but other boxing equipment brands like Title, Everlast, and Ringside also specialized boxing shoes.


Benefits of wearing boxing shoes?

Whether you are in the ring, or in the training room, boxing shoes serve many important purposes.

First of all, they provide the necessary support and protection to your feet and ankles, you see, boxing requires a lot of moving around, and it is not uncommon for fighters to sprain their ankles, or sustain other injuries. A snug-fitting pair of boxing shoes will keep your feet safe, and help you avoid twisted ankles and stubbed toes.

  Another common cause of injuries, both while training and fighting are slipping. Normal shoes aren’t designed to have the grip you need to perform complicated footwork maneuvers that are used in boxing. Moreover, in the training room, there is usually a lot of sweat and other liquids on the floor, which can also cause slips. However, boxing shoes have rubber soles, with tread patterns that increase your grip on the ground and prevent slips and injuries.

Boxing shoes also allow you to maintain a steadier and more precise stance while ensuring better and swift footwork.


Are boxing shoes flat?

In boxing, maintaining balance is very important. It is essential for good footwork and helps you plant your feet in the ground when you need to generate power. The soles of boxing shoes are designed with that in mind. They are generally flat and may have a slight wedge to help focus your weight on your toes rather than your heels.

The soles of boxing shoes are made from a thin gum-style rubber, which improves your traction and prevents slips. The tread lines on the sole of boxing shoes are usually very thin and slightly raised. The soles are also kept narrow so that they don’t protrude outside the line of the boot’s upper material.

The soles are designed this way to make sure that even if your foot lands on a slight angle while moving around, the chances of your foot rolling are low.

This is so if your foot lands on a slight angle on the ground there is less chance of the sole edge gripping the ground and causing your ankle to roll causing an injury. Which is something none of us want

Features to look for when buying boxing shoes…

● Sole thickness, hardness, and texture:

Before you decide on which boxing shoes to buy, it is very important to review its sole. Boxing shoes are available with both thick and thin soles, and both have their advantages. Some fighters like a thinner sole so that they can feel the ground. Thinner soles are also more lightweight, however, some fighters prefer thicker soles, as they can increase stability. The best way to determine which type is better for you is to simply wear the shoes and move around a little.

One of the most important parts of the sole is the front. Many fighters have the habit of dragging their rear foot as they move, which deteriorates the tow area of the sole very quickly. Therefore, make sure that the sole is glued to the shoe properly, especially around the toe area. Some shoes also have soles on the inside of the shoe material in the front, which makes them very sturdy.


The weight of your shoes is also an important factor. Ideally, your shoes should be as light as possible but have a strong grip. This is achieved by using thin soles and lightweight materials.

● Fit:

Your boxing shoes should ideally fit you like a sock. There shouldn’t be any extra space around the ankles, and the shoes should have a snug fit in general. Therefore, when you’re buying boxing shoes, don’t just check the size by putting your foot in it, tie the laces completely, and close the straps before deciding whether the shoe fits or not.

● Build quality:

This goes without saying, you obviously want to look at the build quality of the shoes to ensure that they last longer. High-quality boxing shoes are made from sturdy yet lightweight materials like nylon mesh and lightweight rubber.


So, if you are learning how to box, and you intend to keep up the sport and maybe even compete, you need to make sure that you wear boxing boots from the beginning. They help you prevent injuries, and keep you safe, but more importantly, they help you improve your boxing skills, especially your footwork. Finding the right equipment for your boxing kit can be difficult, especially for beginners, however, I hope that this article answered some of your questions about boxing shoes

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