Top 10 Best boxing shoes for beginners (2021)


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Any serious boxer’s kit is incomplete without the right pair of boxing shoes. They are essential for proper footwork and allow you to have a sturdy base so that you can generate more power and box like a pro.

Even as a beginner, you need to have the right pair of Boxing shoes, as they can help you immensely improve your game and stay safe from many

Do boxing shoes make a difference?

Boxing shoes make a major difference when it comes to your training.

Boxing isn’t just about your hands, your footwork and movement also play a key role in the fighting. Wearing the right kind of shoes to your boxing training is essential, for beginners and pros alike. Most beginners tend to overlook Boxing shoes, but the comfort, support, and benefits they provide are unparalleled and can help you develop your skills even faster, especially when it comes to footwork

It isn’t uncommon for fighters to slip, sprain their ankles or stub their toes while training and Boxing shoes also protect you from such injuries.

So, here is a list of some of the best boxing shoes that you can buy this year

Our top Pick:

1. Adidas Men’s HVC boxing shoes:

Amazon Link:

Key Features:

  • Made from Synthetic Leather & Suede
  • Thin and comfortable Rubber sole
  • Designed for Men
  • 12 ounces in weight
  • Lace-up shoes with elastic ankle strap

Adidas is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to sports equipment. Their Men’s HVC boxing shoes are one of their top-of-the-line products and are worn by many professionals.

The highlight of these shoes is their sole, it is made of thin rubber, which provides excellent arch support and grip while keeping the shoe lightweight. The shoes provide ample support for your foot and are very comfortable to wear during long training sessions since they have great ventilation.

The Adidas Men’s HVC boxing shoes have a low-top design and feature an elastic strap aside from the laces to help you get a snug and supportive fit.


Pros & Cons

  • Excellent build quality
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle elastic strap
  • Not suitable for women


2. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes:

Forza Sports Link:

Amazon Link:

Key features:

  • Modern and stylish design
  • Made from durable patent leather and nylon
  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Low top, lace-up design

Ringside is another excellent brand when it comes to boxing gear, and this year, their Diablo line of boxing shoes is one of the best for beginners and pros alike.

The boots have a low top, lace-up design, and they are made from patent leather with a vinyl finish and breathable nylon mesh. The low-top design offers great ankle support and keeps the shoe lightweight.

The Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes have a non-slip rubber sole, which provides great grip and support during training and in the ring. The breathable nylon mesh pattern keeps your feet cool and dry; however, the laces aren’t the most durable, and the plastic parts may come out over time.


Pros & Cons

  • Durable and breathable design
  • Available in five different colors
  • Suitable for both male and female fighters
  • Offers a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Laces may deteriorate over time
  • No additional elastic ankle strap

3. Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes:

Amazon Link:

Forza Sports Link:

Key Features:

  • Modern and stylish design
  • Made from durable patent leather and nylon
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds
  • High top, lace-up design

Here is another incredible pair of boxing shoes from Ringside. The Ringside Undefeated Boxing shoes are quite similar to the Ringside Diablo series in terms of design and materials. However, they are more supportive and snug because of their high-top design.

These shoes support your entire foot and ankle, keeping your feet safe while you move around the punching bag or your opponent.

Like Diablo, these shoes are also made from leather with a vinyl finish and have a breathable nylon mesh pattern to provide ventilation and keep your feet cool and comfortable. The shoes feature a thin rubber sole for additional grip

However, these shoes are heavier than others and can be somewhat tedious to put on and take off. Therefore, they might not be the best for

Pros & Cons

  • available in two colors – black and white
  • Perfect for professional competition
  • Very durable and reliable
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Can be a little heavy

4. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes:

Amazon Link:

Forza Sports Link:

Key Features:

  • 100% Synthetic materials including Glossy PU Patent, PU Flex, Mesh Honeycomb.
  • Bonded insole to prevent slipping.
  • Used by professionals
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Mid-top, front incurved, lace-up design


Venum is becoming a very popular brand in combat sports, and their boxing shoes are also among the best. Many professional fighters like Jorge Linares, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Miguel Berchelt use Venum boxing shoes, and the Venum Elite has been made with their collaboration.

These shoes are made from 100% synthetic materials, including Glossy Polyurethane Patent and Flex leather, and a honeycomb mesh.

The rubber soles and bonded insoles provide excellent grip and support as well, whereas the Mid-top
design is perfect for ankle support.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Its mid-top silhouette provides ankle support
  • Comfortable front incurved design
  • Finding the right size might be difficult

5. Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Amazon Link:

Key Features:

  • Lightweight fabric construction
  • Designed for both training and competition
  • Grippy rubber sole
  • High top, lace-up design with elastic ankle strap

Everlast is one of the top boxing gear brands, and their new, lightweight Elite High top boxing shoes are perfectly designed for both training and competition. Instead of leather, these lightweight shoes are made completely from textiles.

The high-top, lace-up design provides excellent support for your ankles, and the elastic ankle strap ensures a snug and easy fit.

The rubber sole on these shoes offers excellent traction, support, and flexibility, and is perfect for quick movement and high-level footwork drills and techniques. Moreover, these versatile and stylish shoes can even be worn in your everyday routine.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Hybrid design improves flexibility
  • Ankle strap provides additional support
  • Very lightweight
  • Not the most breathable design.

6. Everlast PIVOT Low Top Boxing Shoes

Amazon Link:

Key Features:

  • Stylish and ergonomic design suitable for a variety of sports
  • Durable rubber soles
  • Microfiber textile construction
  • Low cut, Lace-up design

The Everlast PIVOT is another excellent pair of boxing shoes for professionals and beginners alike. The Shoe has a low top, lace-up design and it features a lightweight rubber sole that uses the company’s special design for extra grip and ease of movement.

The shoe has a stylish design, and it can be used for sports other than boxing as well. Furthermore, with the durable finish, you can rest assured that these shoes will last you a long time.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in two colors
  • Comfortable microfiber materials
  • Versatile design suitable for different sports
  • Sizing can be a problem for some boxers

7. Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

Amazon Link:

Key Features:

  • Durable polyurethane rubber soles and comfortable insoles
  • Tailor-made for boxing
  • Affordable
  • Mid-top, lace-up design

Title is another popular brand when it comes to boxing gear, and their Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes are tailor-made for boxing. They are quite affordable and can be used for training and professional fights.

The shoe features full-length polyurethane rubber soles which provide excellent grip while you jump, move around, and switch stances. The double last insoles offer a comfortable and supportive fit as well.


Pros & Cons

  • Available in four different colors
  • Comes with a drawstring mesh bag
  • The padded tongue provides extra support
  • Great value for money
  • Might not be suitable for wide feet

8. RIVAL Boxing RSX-Genesis Lo-Top Boxing Boots

Forza Sports Link:

Key Features:

  • High-quality PU leather construction with a suede-like finish
  • Breathable mesh on each side
  • Ultra-resistant rubber outsole
  • Durable Reinforced heel caps
  • Low top, Lace-up design

Next up on the list are the Rival Boxing RSX-Genesis Lo-Top Boxing Boots. These are made from Durable Pu leather, with breathable mesh on both sides to keep your feet comfortable and cool while training and competing.

They have a stylish low-top, lace-up design, and the sole is made from specialized, resistant rubber, which is perfect for grip and stability. The RSX-Genesis features a reinforced heel for added strength and durability.

The shoes have an ankle strap as well, which ensures an easy and snug fit.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality durable construction
  • Reinforced shoe and canvas for extra durability
  • Breathable mesh on both sides
  • Ankle strap for a better fit
  • It May be difficult to find the perfect size


9. Title Boxing Speed-Flex Encore Mid-Length Boxing Shoes

Forza sports Link:

Key Features:

  • Synthetic upper with tight weave nylon
  • Sculpted polyurethane soles designed for boxing
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-top, Lace-up design

As the name suggests, the Speed-Flex Encore is made to help you move fast; however, while helping you improve your agility, this show doesn’t
compromise on comfort, support, and durability.

The comfortable and lightweight shoes are made from synthetic materials, and it has thigh weave nylon on the sides to make the shoe more breathable. The sole is made from polyurethane and the treadwear is designed exclusively for boxing.

The shoe is also light, so it allows you to move around your opponent quickly and get better angles to land your punches.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Durable construction and stylish design
  • Made exclusively for boxing.
  • Lightweight
  • Cant be used for other sports
  • Finding the perfect size might be difficult for female fighters.

10. Adidas Box Hog 2 Men’s Boxing Shoes

Amazon link:

  • Synthetic leather construction
  • Synthetic suede overlays for increased durability
  • Comfortable EVA midsole
  • Gum rubber outsoles for increased traction and grip.
  • High-top, lace-up design.

If you prioritize comfort and support in your boxing shoes, then the Adidas Box Hog is a great pick. The shoe is made of synthetic leather, with synthetic suede overlays. It features a gum rubber outsole and a low-profile EVA midsole, which gives the shoe excellent grip and traction.

These shoes will allow you to train for a long time without straining your ankles or feet. The specifically designed insole makes sure that the pressure
is evenly distributed, decreasing the risk of slips and sprains. Furthermore, the shoe has excellent ventilation, which makes sure that your feet stay cool and comfortable while boxing.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides excellent grip
  • Durable synthetic leather construction with suede overlays
  • Very comfortable for long training sessions.
  • Only available in a single color


So, Boxing shoes are an essential part of your boxing gear, and here we have listed some of the best shoes that you can buy this year. Most of these
shoes are used by professional boxers in training and competition as well. We have listed ten of the best shoes for this year; however, our top pick is the Adidas HVC men’s Boxing shoes. They offer the right balance between price, ease of use, durability, and function. Lastly, if you were looking for a good pair of boxing boots, we hope that this post was able to help you out.

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