Héctor “Macho” Camacho (Fighter Profile)

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 Nationality: American

Birth Place: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Alias:   Macho

Record: 79-6-3

Stance: Southpaw

Height: 5 ft 6.5 in (169 cm)

Reach: 69 in (175 cm)

Status: Deceased

Weight Class/Classes: Super featherweight, Lightweight, Light welterweight, Welterweight, Light middleweight, Middleweight, Super middleweight

P4P Ranking: N/A




Héctor Camacho was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. At a very young age, he came to New York with his mother after his parents separated. Living in Spanish Harlem, Camacho had a rough childhood as a teenager he ran into trouble and got into street fights which landed him in jail at fifteen.

Camacho learned Karate and Boxing as a kind, and his teacher and mentor Pat Flannery turned his attention towards the sport of Boxing, which gave him purpose, and direction as a teenager.

As an amateur, Camacho had a lot of success. He won three New York and two Intercity Golden Gloves Championships. He ended his amateur career with a hundred fights under his belt and starting his pro career at the age of 18 in 1980

 Camacho was very successful as a pro as well, and he had a very flamboyant and loud style. He came out to the fights in unique costumes, always had something to say on the mic, and was adored by all boxing fans. Apart from being a great showman, Camacho’s Boxing skills were also on a very high level.

His first pro fight was in September of 1980, which he won. Camacho only fought once again that year, but in 1981, he fought ten times, winning all of these fights, and the NABF super featherweight title in December of that year.

This was Macho’s first regional title. The next year, he fought seven times, staying undefeated, and in August of 1983, he won his first world title and became the WBC super featherweight champion. Over the next seven years, Macho kept on winning. He moved up divisions and won world titles at Lightweight and light-welterweight as well.

In his 39th fight, he was handed his first loss, however, he avenged it in an immediate rematch. Camacho also won titles at welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight. He fought some of the biggest names of his era including Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Durán, Oscar De La Hoya and Julio César Chávez.

After his retirement from boxing in 2010, Camacho had a lot of troubles in his later years. In 2011, he was attacked near the Luis Lloréns Torres housing project in San Juan. According to Camacho,  he and his friend were going to a bar when two men approached his car and tried to steal it. When he tried to drive away, they shot at him three times. However, the weird part was that Camacho didn’t file a police report, saying that since everybody loved him, the robbers probably didn’t realize who he was.

This did seem a little suspicious, and the next year, in 2012, Camacho was the victim of another shooting, which claimed the life of his friend on the spot and mortally injured him. Hector Camacho passed away a few days later in a hospital in Bayamón.

Police investigating the incident claimed that it was drug-related, and nine bags of cocaine were found in the shooter’s car.

Héctor Camacho was one of the most incredible fighters to come out of Puerto Rico. He had a very successful career, however, the events surrounding his passing away were very unfortunate. Camacho’s body was brought back to New York and buried in the Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx

Notable Fights:

Championship Belts held:

  • WBC super featherweight title
  • WBC lightweight title
  • WBO light welterweight title
  • IBC welterweight title
  • IBC middleweight title
  • IBC light middleweight title
  • NBA super-middleweight title
  • WBF (Foundation) International light middleweight title

Awards & Recognition:


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