5 tips to increase punching power at home

5 tips to increase punching power at home

Boxing is a very exhilarating sport, partially because it is so unpredictable. At any time of the fight, a single Power Shot can change everything. Punching power is the great equalizer in boxing. Always has been, always will be.

Your skills, experience and gameplan all can fade away in front of a really powerful puncher. Though some people naturally have heavy hands, boxing is more about effective punching power rather than brute force.

This is why a 200 lb untrained person can hit as hard as a 130 lb boxer. So, if you are wondering how to increase punching power at home, check out these five tips



1. Work on your footwork

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To sting like a bee, you need to learn how to float like a butterfly. Footwork plays a key role in developing effective power that can knock your opponent out. Having your feet planted on the ground, at the right distance and angle from your opponent allows you to generate the most power with your punches.

Moreover, as they say, the strongest punch is the one that they don’t see coming. Well, good footwork allows you to make angles, and catch your opponent off guard. A great example of power generated through footwork is Lomachenko.

His footwork allows him to put all of his force into his strikes while keeping them fast and evasive as well. Moreover, the weird angles he strikes from, allow him to catch the fighter off guard.


2. Improve your timing and precision

As Mcgregor said, precision beats power, and timing beats speed. Therefore, it is important to train these two aspects of your game if you want to generate more knockout power with your punches.

Precision is very important, a very powerful punch on the forehead isn’t going to do as much damage as a punch on the chin. It is all about effective power, and your power is more effective when it is delivered precisely.

Similarly, timing is also very important. You need to time your shots to land counters when your opponents hands down, or when they are coming in. Heavy punches on your opponent’s guard aren’t going to do much but tire you out, however, when a well-timed and precise pouches land, it doesn’t have to carry too much force to knock your opponent out.

Therefore a precise and well-timed punch has more effective power.


3. Punch through your target

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One of the most common things you’ll hear in a boxing gym is to push through your opponent. This is a great way to make sure that you are fully committing to a punch. You see, while shadow boxing, or sparring, we tend to pull our punches a little bit. This creates bad habits, and during a fight, we tend to throw our punches at our opponent rather than through them.

The idea is that you should imagine that your target is a good six inches behind where it actually is, and try to push it through your opponent or the punching bag. This helps you fully commit to your strikes while training, and allows you to throw more powerful punches in a fight.


4. Do weighted shadow boxing:

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One of the best boxing exercises to do at home is shadow boxing, and if you hold some small weight in your hands while doing it, you can really boost your punching power. Once you get used to boxing with weights in your hands, you will feel a lot faster and stronger when you box without them.

Shadowboxing also helps you improve your form and technique, which also aids in increasing your effective punching power.


5. Do bodyweight exercises:

You don’t need an entire gym to train your body for more punching power. Simple bodyweight exercises that you can easily do at home can be great for developing your punching power. For instance, explosive clap push-ups are a great exercise to increase punching speed and power.

You should also do exercises to improve your rotational power and speed so that you can really put your body behind your hooks. Russian twists are a great exercise for this. You can also pick up any weight like some heavy books while doing exercise to increase its effectiveness.



Though having power is great, it is more important to learn how to make that power effective. Your power is of no use to you if you can’t deliver it to your opponent, therefore, improving your footwork, timing, accuracy, and form can help you develop more powerful punches. By following the tips in this article, you can start to score knockdowns, regardless of whether you’re a flyweight or a heavyweight.





  1. I used to like boxing when I was young but something came along the way. But I am passionate about everything about boxing although I don’t practice nowadays. Your tips are really excellent and easy to understand. Generally, we need these skills whether in the boxing club or not. They are very important for self-defensive. Thanks.


  2. I’ve played every sport growing up but I tried Muy Thai boxing a few years back and none of the other sports compare conditioning wise. Never realized how bad my shoulder could burn by just holding 16oz boxing gloves up by my head.

    Great article and great insight anf advice. Footwork was something they always preached to me as well how just a little pivot on your foot can generate so much power, guess that’s why its called the sweat science.

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