5 tips to increase punching speed without equipment

5 tips to increase punching speed without equipment

Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather Jr, all of these legendary fighters had one thing in common, that is fast hands. Fast punches can get you a long way in boxing, and though some fighters do have a genetic predisposition for fast hands, punching speed is something that can also be improved by training.

Therefore, if you want to starch your opponents with quick shots, and are wondering how to increase punching speed, here are five easy tips that will help you out.


1. Don’t telegraph your punches:

When it comes to the effective speed of your punches, avoiding telegraphs is very important. You could have cobra-like reflexes, but if the punch is telegraphed, the effective speed decreases because your opponent still gets more time to react to the punch.

Therefore, avoid unnecessary movements, like cocking your punch before throwing it, or slightly dropping your hands before throwing a shot. You should also throw more feints, which help you hide your shots better, and improve the effective speed of your punches.


2. Stay loose and relaxed:

If you want to be fast, you can’t be stiff. I know first hand that being stiff can get you put to sleep quick. You need to keep your body loose and relaxed. A simple and easy way to do this is to make sure that your fist isn’t clenched until the split second before your punch lands.

You should also keep your shoulders loose, stay calm and composed, and control your breathing.


3. Improve your hand-eye coordination:

Almost anyone could swing their arms fast, but to punch fast with accuracy, you need to have good hand-eye coordination. There are several exercises that you can do to improve your hand speed in relation to your sight. One simple exercise can be done with a ball or any small object that you can catch.

Hold the object in one hand, and hold it in front of you. Now, the objective is to drop the object, and catch it with your other hand before it drops. This simple and easy drill can make your hands really fast and twitchy.


4. Do fast pushups:

One of the best ways to improve your hand speed without any equipment is to do fast pushups. Fast pushups help you build twitch muscles, which make your hands lightening fast.

Clap pushups are a great variation to improve hand speed. When coming up from a push-up, you need to push off the ground hard and create enough separation between yourself and the ground that you can quickly clap your hands before placing them back on the ground.


5. Think fast!:

Like any other aspect of the sport, your mentality also plays a very important role in improving your hand speed. Here is a quick and easy psychological exercise that you can do anywhere to improve your had speed.

Stars a slow and gentle stroll around a gym, or around your room. Keep taking deep breaths and relax. As you are walking, picture super fast objects in your mind, like a cobra striking its prey.

Then with a sudden movement, step into your boxing stance as fast as you can, and throw a combo. Use short, mid-range and long ranges punch as you like, and don’t restrict yourself.

Get back to your meditative stroll and repeat the process.

You should also watch fights of boxers with fast hand speed, which can also train your mind to be fast.



Fast punching speed isn’t just about naturally fast hands. More than anything, becoming fast depends on a fighter’s mind, vision, and training as much as it does on their natural abilities. Therefore, if you work hard and follow the tips mentioned in this list, you can make you





  1. From what I’ve picked up, your website is about boxing and all you need to know about boxing. Very interesting. I know very little when it comes to this sport so your article as a whole will sharpen my knowledge. I think I will take some time and read through your website. It has truly caught my attention. 

  2. This has been a very helpful post. Thank you. One of the most important things I took from your post is that I should throw more feints. I was not doing this. And yes, it makes sense. This way we can hide our real punches. I will also start doing fast pushups. I have not tried it but I have been told it works.

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